StanfordPosDependencyAnnotator for Word Dependency – Java NLP, NLP4J

Is it easy to isolate English word dependencies from natural sentences? It’s easy!


// <!-- -->
// <!-- -->
// import nlp4j.Document;
// import nlp4j.Keyword;
// import nlp4j.KeywordWithDependency;
// import nlp4j.impl.DefaultDocument;

String text = "I eat sushi with chopsticks.";
Document doc = new DefaultDocument();
doc.putAttribute("text", text);
StanfordPosDependencyAnnotator ann = new StanfordPosDependencyAnnotator();
ann.setProperty("target", "text");
for (Keyword kwd : doc.getKeywords()) {
	if (kwd instanceof KeywordWithDependency) {
		KeywordWithDependency kd = (KeywordWithDependency) kwd;


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<w begin="2" depth="0" end="5" facet="VBP" id="0" lex="eat" relation="root" sequence="0" str="eat">
    <w begin="0" depth="1" end="1" facet="PRP" id="1" lex="I" relation="nsubj" sequence="1" str="I"/>
    <w begin="6" depth="1" end="11" facet="NN" id="2" lex="sushi" relation="obj" sequence="2" str="sushi"/>
    <w begin="17" depth="1" end="27" facet="NNS" id="3" lex="chopstick" relation="obl" sequence="3" str="chopsticks">
        <w begin="12" depth="2" end="16" facet="IN" id="4" lex="with" relation="case" sequence="4" str="with"/>
    <w begin="27" depth="1" end="28" facet="." id="5" lex="." relation="punct" sequence="5" str="."/>